My Story

I've always collected things. Anything that I believe can have the chance at a second life with a bit of love and care. Over the years I have restored, re-purposed various items and I realised it was about time these got shared with the world. 

I started off small, dressing friends events and family weddings and momentum just went from there. I had found my passion and luckily people loved what I was creating. 

I am now able to dress small, intimate events through to big weddings or corporate parties. I also work with clients to create bespoke pieces for their events...a personal touch.

The business is now growing into a family one with my daughters supporting me to deliver these amazing events. Eventually we are hoping to be able to meet all of your event needs as the business grows.

If you have a wedding, party or special event and want something different then I look forward to meeting you.



Premises to showcase my props and styling ideas that will be available to hire to enable you to visualise and work towards making your special day into something that reflects your own personality.

Don't worry about being different, worry about being the same.......